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The Website Service integrates the Pet Adoption Portal, the Data Management Service and Online Forms service with a customizable and easy-to-use website.

Where do I find it?

Access your website by logging in to your account at and clicking on items under the heading Website.

Website Service Built-in Features

The Website Service offers many built-in features designed to help speed up the time involved with maintaining a website.  It's a good idea to get familiar with these features by viewing the walk-through. Here is an overview of some of those built-in features.

  • Automatically Generated Animal Web Pages
  • Built-in Web Pages to get you started
  • Built-in Website Menu to get you started
  • Stories Feature (Happy Tails)
  • Memorials (Rainbow Bridge)
  • Automatically Generated Successful Adoptions page.
  • Animal Sponsorship's using PayPal Integration
  • News Feature
  • Events and Animal Event Attendance Feature
  • Online Store with PayPal Integration
  • Highlight / Feature Animals. Allows you to Highlight specific animals to feature them on the homepage or reorder them on the animal browse pages.
  • Featured Pet (choose a specific animal or random)
  • Built in Website Templates
  • Customize the CSS, add Custom Javascript and HTML
  • Easily add html to a page using the Snippet feature.
  • Role-Restricted Volunteer Access

The Website Service includes The Pet Adoption Portal, The Data Management Service, and Online Forms Service.

On this page:

  • Website Service Built-in Features
  • Popular Questions
    • Can I add a larger "Featured Pet" to my website?
    • How can we set up our Animal Browse page to have the option of viewing animals by species? Right now it lists all of the cats first, then dogs. So the dogs get overlooked being at the end of 100+ animals.
    • Why is there no edit icon for some pages on my Web Page List?
    • Latest News Articles
    • Folders for images (photos)
    • Conditional display of content for logged-in users
    • Show "Indoor Only" field on animals' webpage
    • How do we set up our websites to be mobile-friendly.
    • what is the difference between a volunteer and a website user?
    • Is my web site secure?

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