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The Website Service integrates the Pet Adoption Portal, the Data Management Service and Online Forms service with a customizable and easy-to-use website.

Where do I find it?

Access your website by logging in to your account at and clicking on items under the heading Website.

Website Service Built-in Features

The Website Service offers many built-in features designed to help speed up the time involved with maintaining a website.  It's a good idea to get familiar with these features by viewing the walk-through. Here is an overview of some of those built-in features.

  • Automatically Generated Animal Web Pages
  • Built-in Web Pages to get you started
  • Built-in Website Menu to get you started
  • Stories Feature (Happy Tails)
  • Memorials (Rainbow Bridge)
  • Automatically Generated Successful Adoptions page.
  • Animal Sponsorship's using PayPal Integration
  • News Feature
  • Events and Animal Event Attendance Feature
  • Online Store with PayPal Integration
  • Highlight / Feature Animals. Allows you to Highlight specific animals to feature them on the homepage or reorder them on the animal browse pages.
  • Featured Pet (choose a specific animal or random)
  • Built in Website Templates
  • Customize the CSS, add Custom Javascript and HTML
  • Easily add html to a page using the Snippet feature.
  • Role-Restricted Volunteer Access

The Website Service includes The Pet Adoption Portal, The Data Management Service, and Online Forms Service.

On this page:

  • Website Service Built-in Features
  • Popular Questions
    • Why is there no edit icon for some pages on my Web Page List?
    • Latest News Articles
    • Folders for images (photos)
    • Conditional display of content for logged-in users
    • Show "Indoor Only" field on animals' webpage
    • How do we set up our websites to be mobile-friendly.
    • Is my web site secure?
    • Wider variety of website templates & customization service
    • How do I add an sitemap.xml to our website?
    • How do I add a link to an anchor that is on another webpage?

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