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This user guide is outdated. It is superseded by our new individual service guides. Please view the Getting started with guide for a list of all the service guides:

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The Data Management Service takes the Pet Adoption Portal further providing more statuses, more features, tracking, reporting, and other great features to help you manage the animals in your care. 

These features include:

  • Pet Adoption Portal and Animal Exports
  • More Animal Fields
  • Track Adoptions
  • Track Returns
  • Track Contacts
  • Track Donations
  • Inventory Loaners
  • Animal Journals - Medical Tracking and Reminders
  • And so much more!

All of the features and functions of your services are available from your account. If you normally log in to your account using the Pet Adoption Portal, or by going to the Management Interface, we've simplified things! Log in to your account at

Where to Start...

Before you begin setting up your service,we recommend that you:

Step 1) Review the Getting Started Guide

Please be sure to start with the Getting Started Guide "Get Familiar with Your Account User Interface." services are managed by using this interface so it's important to get familiar with where things are located, icons and terminology.

Step 2) Review Your Organization Contact Information

Where do I find it?

You can update your Organization Contact Information by going to Services > Account Administration > Contact Information.

You should always keep your organization contact information up-to-date. You can do that on the Organization Contact Information page. The Organization Information page remembers your organization name, address, phone and email address. You can also choose to hide some of the information from the public. Make any needed changes and click Save Organization Information.

Step 3) Add Animals

Where do I find it?

You can Add an Animal by going to Animals > Add an Animal.

Check out the Animals section of the User Guide.

If your organization is new to services, please start with the Account Set Up Wizard. If your organization is upgrading from the Pet Adoption Portal, there's nothing more for you to do.

Step 4) Enable Exports

Where do I find it?

You can Enable Exports by going to Animals > Exports.

This is optional and you have control over which animals are exported and where.

Check out the Animal Exports section of the User Guide.

Step 4) Add Volunteers

Volunteers can assist you with adding animals, tracking adoptions and much more. You can create a user login for them, then assign permissions/roles to grant access.

Check out the User Login Accounts and Roles & Permissions sections of the User Guide.

 More Topics to Review

Need Help Getting Started?

Please open a support ticket with us and we will help guide you. Before doing this, please be sure to first read the Getting Started Guide, Get Familiar with Your Account Interface.

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