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Your organization may be asked to submit a Veterinarian Reference Letter for one of several reasons:

  • As part of your initial account setup
  • To validate organization changes
  • During random checks and validations

The Veterinarian Reference Letter is part of the Requirements and Expectations. You will be notified if you need to submit a veterinarian reference letter.

NOTE: Not everyone is required to submit the reference letter, so do not initiate the request for a reference until we have asked you for it.

What to submit

If your organization is asked to submit a Veterinarian Reference Letter, you need two documents:

  • The Veterinarian Reference Form 
  • The Veterinarian Reference Letter on veterinarian office letterhead

To obtain the documents:

  1. Download the Veterinarian Reference Form.
  2. Fill out the top of the form, titled, “Rescue Organization’s Information.”
  3. Ask your vet to complete the bottom of the form, “Veterinarian’s Information.”
  4. Ask your vet to also provide you with a letter on the veterinarian office letterhead that includes:
    1. The length of your professional relationship with this clinic
    2. The services the clinic commonly provides to your organization

Please note:

  • Both the Veterinarian Reference Letter and the Veterinarian Reference Form must refer to your organization by name.  Using individual names of volunteers is acceptable and helpful, but must be in addition to, not instead of, the organization name. 

  • The letter must be printed and signed by the veterinarian.  If the letter is not signed, we cannot accept it.

How to submit

NOTE: If your vet prefers, the veterinary office may fax the form and the letter directly to at the fax number listed below and on the form.

The Veterinarian Reference Letter must be a physical letter and not simply an email. However, you may scan the physical letter and email it to us. The following are acceptable ways to submit the documents:

  • Scan the letter and form and email them to  Be sure to include your account number if you have an existing account with 
  • Fax the letter and form to at (240) 630-4880.
  • Mail the letter and form to at: 
PO Box 1245 
Bowie, MD 20718-1245



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