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For some fields, like the animal description, you may want to have a spell checker available.

Spell Checker for Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9

The easiest way to do this is with a spell checker installed on your computer. There are several spell checkers that are available for free.

One example is ieSpell. You can read about ieSpell and download it here:

Once ieSpell is installed on your computer, you can click the spell check button (looks like "abc" with a checkmark) to spell check the description you have entered.

Spell Checker with Firefox

The Firefox spell checker is enabled by default.

If you are not receiving the benefit of a spell checker, please visit the following web page to troubleshoot the issue:

Spell Checker with Chrome

Thankfully, both FireFox and Chrome come with a Spell Checker built-it.  You might need to right-click in the field and enable to spell checker option.  Any words that aren't understood will be underlined with red.

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