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This user guide is outdated. It is superseded by our new individual service guides. Please view the Getting started with guide for a list of all the service guides:

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You can add News items to your web site to keep your website visitors informed of what is happening in your organization.

Where do I find it?

You can find the News Articles page by going to Features > News Articles.

 Click here for information on permissions

The following actions are available for News with the specified service and user roles:

ActionDescriptionServicesUser Roles
ViewAble to view the News ArticlesWeb Site Service
Data Management
Any (Volunteer)
AddAble to add News ArticlesWeb Site Service
Data Management
News Admin
EditAble to edit News ArticlesWeb Site Service
Data Management
News Admin
DeleteAble to delete News ArticlesWeb Site Service
Data Management
News Admi


Service Note

The Data Management Service provides the ability to add news articles.

The Website Service includes the ability to display news articles on your website. Your visitors can also choose to receive e-mail alerts when you add new news items (on their My Options page).


Enable the News Articles Feature

  • Click on the Settings Icon.

  • Click Yes next to Enable the News Articles feature.
  • Click Save.

Adding a news article

  • Click on Add an Article.

  • When you are working with news articles you have the following fields available:
    • Title: The title of the news article.

    • Date: The date you want to use for the news article.
    • Description: The text of the new article.
  • If you want to add more than one news article, select the check box next to Add another before clicking save.
  • Click Save to save any changes.

The most recent news articles (by the date you provide) are shown at the top of the News page.

Need more space on your screen to type your news article? You can stretch the editor window. Use your mouse to click and grab the little gray arrow in the bottom right hand side of the editor to stretch it taller etc.


Editing a news article

  • Click the edit icon next to a news story to edit the article.

Deleting a news article

  • Select the check box next to the news article you want to delete.
  • From the Actions drop down, select Delete.