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Where do I find it?

You can find the Custom Animal Groups page by going to Animals > Custom Animal Groups.

 Click here for information on permissions

The following actions are available for Custom Animal Groups with the specified service and user roles:




User Roles

Add Animals to Custom Special Lists

Able to add animals to custom special lists

Data Management
Pet Adoption Portal
Web Site

Animal Add
Animal Admin

Manage Custom Special Lists

Able to create special lists

Data Management
Pet Adoption Portal
Web Site


The Website Service and Data Management Service give you the ability to create Custom Animal Groups.

With the Website Service, this feature can save you time by automatically displaying specific animals on a webpage.

Create a Custom Animal Group

  • Go to Animals > Custom Animal Groups

  • Click Add a Custom Animal Group

  • Name*: Name your Custom Animal Group. In this example, I've named my group Petco Tully Adoption Center.
  • Header: With the Website Service, you can select a webpage to display text at the top of the custom animal group.
  • Click Save.

  • Your custom animal group has now been created.

Add Animals to your Custom Animal Group

There are two ways to add animals to a custom group.

From the Custom Animal Group, you can add animals to that group.

  • Click on the number next to the group under the heading Animals.

  • Click Add an Animal to this Custom Group

You can add animals to a custom group when you Add or Edit an Animal.

  • When you add or edit an animal, near the bottom of the page, you will see a section named Custom Animal Groups Membership.  You can select the check boxes of the custom groups you would like to add the animal.
    • Check the box to add them to the custom animal group.
    • Uncheck the box to remove them from the group.

Creating a Custom Header (text at the top of the page) for your Custom Animal Group.

  • To customize the text at the top of this custom animal group page, first create a web page (Website > Web Pages List > Add a Web Page)
  • I named my web page the same name as my custom animal group: Petco Tully Adoption Center
  • I added text and saved my web page.

  • Now that I have created a web page with custom text, I can select this page as the header for the Custom Animal Group.
  • Click Save.

  • This is what my web page looks like. Now I can add/remove animals from this page easily with a simple check box.

Adding a Custom Animal Group to your Website Menu

When a custom animal group is created, two menu options are automatically created for you.

  • Animal Browse: <Your Custom Animal Group Name>
  • Animal List: <Your Custom Animal Group Name>

Please follow the instructions on Adding Menu Items to add one or both of these options to your menu.

If you edit the custom animal group and change its name, it will also change the Link Text of any menu items associated with that list.  Deleting a list will remove all animals from that list and delete the menu items.

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