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This user guide is outdated. It is superseded by our new individual service guides. Please view the Getting Started with guide for a list of all the service guides:

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Online forms are a wonderful way of collecting information: from potential adopters and volunteers, from community members who want help from your organization, or really, any purpose for which you need to gather contact information and other data. Follow the instructions in this chapter to create your first custom online form. Remember, you can ask us for help at any time. We're there for you! Contact us at

Getting Started


1. Log in to your account

Where do I find it?

If you normally log in to your account using the Pet Adoption Portal, or by going to the Management Interface, we've simplified things! Log in to your account at

2. Go to Online Forms

Where do I find it?

You can find the Online Forms page by going to Features > Online Forms.

The following icons are displayed:

  • Add an Online Form: Click to begin the creation of a new form.
  • Questions: Click to create or edit all questions, but NOT add them to a specific form. it also allows you to see ALL questions for ALL forms.
  • Select Groups: Select Groups are so named because they are groups of answers that users can select from to answer questions. Create drop down, radio or checkbox questions, then use select groups like Yes/No, or Rent'Own/Lease.
  • Steps: Click to go to the Steps page where you can create or edit steps to use to track progress in the process of reviewing the form. Example: you may want to create a step for Vet Check (pass/fail), or Lease Check (pass/fail).
  • Submitted Forms: Click to view all submitted forms.
  • Settings: Click to modify overall settings. You will also have more settings available for each form you create.

3. Add an Online Form

When adding an online form you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Form Name:* Enter a name for the form. Your visitors will be able to identify the form by its name and type. Example: Adoption Application
  • Form Type:* Select the form type for this new form.
  • Is this a public form:* You can choose if you want the form to be public or private. Public forms can be submitted  by anyone who registers on your web site. Private forms are not available to your visitors unless you email them a link to the form. The form will not appear in the list of forms on the My Rescue web page.
  • Allow multiple submissions by one user:* Should a single visitor be able to submit this form more than once?  Keep in mind that a visitor can still register multiple user names and still submit the form multiple times.
  • Allow unregistered users to submit this form:* Should your visitors be required to register and log in before they can submit this form, or should an unregistered user be able to submit the form?  If you select Yes, all of your form questions will be presented on one page for the user to complete.
  • Display all questions on one page: You can choose if you want your entire form to be displayed on one web page or split up by pages? (Even if set to 'No', a visitor must be logged in to view the form on separate pages)
  • Submission fee: If you have added items to your Online Store, you can select one of them to be a Form Fee (application fee) for this form. The user will be directed to the selected Online Store item when they submit the form. You should also add a sentence in the Form Comment so that the visitor knows they must pay an application fee.
  • Form submission comment: The Form Submission Comment is the text that is emailed to the user when they submit the form.
  • Default Assignee: You can choose which of your volunteers to assign Submitted Forms to by default for the form. Only contacts that are in the Volunteer group are available to select in this list.
  • Alert Email Addresses: You can specify email addresses to which Submitted Forms alerts should be sent.  Multiple addresses can be entered, separated by a comma.  (Any volunteer whose options are set to receive alerts for Submitted Forms, will still receive them.) Click to learn more about Form Submission Alerts
  • Reply to Email Address:  You can set an email address that submission emails are sent from and replied to.
  • Contact Fields: Select which built-in contact fields to display and require on your forms.
  • Status:* Select the status of the form -- if it should be enabled and accessible to the public, or if it should be disabled.

When you have entered the required information, click Save Online Form.


4. Create and Add Questions to This Form

  • Click on the first icon Questions.

On the next screen, view all questions that have been added to this form.

Since we haven't added any questions, it says "No items found."

  • Click on the icon Add a Question to this Form.

  • Next to Question* select the Add Icon to create a new question.

Creating your Online Form Question:

  • Name:* What you see
  • Display Question:* What they see
  • Answer Type:* More on Answer Types
  • Select Groups: More on Select Groups
  • Required:* If you want to require this question to be filled out by the applicant.
  • Click Save Question when done.

  • The question has been been successfully created.

Next, to Add the Question to this Form:

  • Select which Page you want to add this question
  • Select the Order you want the question to appear on the page you selected.
  • If you will be adding more questions, select the check box next to Add Another.
  • Click Save Question to Online Form

  • You have now added your first question to your form!
  • To add more questions, repeat this process by clicking on the Add Icon.

5. Editing your Online Form

Where do I find it?

You can  Edit Online Forms by going to Features > Online Forms

  • From the Online Forms page, you have several options for editing your form:

Application Form Edit:  See the settings related to that specific form.

PDF Icon: Create a blank pdf of the form.

Preview Icon: Preview the online form in your web browser. (Website Service Only)

Name: Adoption Application. You can see all of the questions, steps, submitted forms, and Get iFrame HTML (for embedding the form on any website).

Questions: 11 questions on 1 page. You can see all of the questions on this form, the page, the order, the question type and if the question is required.
You can also edit the question and add questions.
To change the page order, click on the gray up/down arrows.

Continue on to how to process Submitted Forms

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