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Where do I find it?

You can find the Calls page by going to Features > Calls.

 Click here for information on permissions

The following actions are available for Calls with the specified service and user roles:




User Roles


Able to view Calls.

Data Management
Web Site

Calls Admin
Calls Operator


Able to add a Call.

Data Management
Web Site

Calls Admin
Calls Operator


Able to edit a Call.

Data Management
Web Site

Calls Admin

Email Contact

Able to email a contact through their Call in the Calls feature.

Data Management
Web Site

Calls Admin
Calls Operator

Manage Calls Settings

Able to change the Calls settings.

Data Management
Web Site

Site Admin only

The Calls feature is designed to help you manage incoming messages to your organization. With organizations that have a phone message system or voice mail line, one volunteer may retrieve messages from the system, but then have to disperse the information to other volunteers depending on responsibility.

With the Calls feature, one volunteer can enter Calls into the web site, along with all of the related information, and assign the call to a specific volunteer or put the call into a queue.

Some organizations also use this feature for outgoing calls that need to be made. For example, if a vet check or reference check needs to be made, the adoption coordinator could enter a Call so that it can be assigned to a volunteer for completion.

When a Call is created, it is assigned a Category. Categories are used for reporting and organization purposes. For example, you may want to run a report on all Calls that have been received for animal give-ups.

When a Call is created the content of the Call is added to the Call Log.  To view the Call Log for a Call go to that Call's page and click Call Log.

In addition to being assigned a Category, each Call is assigned a Queue. A queue is a group of calls that are typically handled by one group of volunteers.

For example, you may add a call in the "Trap-Neuter-Return" Category, and assign the call to the "TNR East Side" queue. Mary and Joe are members of the "TNR East Side" queue, and they would get an email alert letting them know that the call has been added to their queue.

You may also have a "TNR West Side" queue that Mary and Joe are not members. You may have other volunteers assigned to that queue.

Adding a call

Where do I find it?

You can find the Add a Call page by going to Features > Calls and clicking Add a Call.

Enter the following information:

  • Contact:* Select the contact for this call.  This is typically the person requesting information or with an issue. 
    Click Add if the contact is not listed.
  • Call Date/Time:* Enter the date and time you receive the call/request.
  • Category:* Select the category for the call.  The category is used for reporting.
  • Queue:* Select the queue for the call.  The queue is used to assign calls to different groups of Calls volunteers.
  • Urgency:* Select the appropriate urgency for the call.  The urgency helps volunteers prioritize incoming Calls.
  • Status:* Select the status of the Call, e.g., Waiting for Response.
  • Assigned To: Select the Calls volunteer to whom the Call will be assigned.  Only Contacts from your web site that have the “Calls” group selected will be shown in the Assigned To drop down box.
  • Additional Information: Enter any comments or additional information you may have.  You may want to include the question or issue the person is contacting you about.  This information will appear in the call log.

Editing a call

Closing a call

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