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You are not required to enable any exports. You should still run through the Setup Wizard before getting started.


Where do I find it?

You can find the Animals Exports page by going to Animals > Exports.

Start the Setup Wizard

  • Click on the Setup Wizard icon.

  • Read the information on the Exports Setup Wizard page.

  • When done, Select the check box and click Save and Go to the Next Step.

Wizard Step 1: Add Animals

 This is for the initial setup only:

  • Please let us know:
    1. if you would like us to add your animals and the Source for Animal Information
    2. if you will be adding your animals yourself, and let us know when you are done.

  • When done, click Save and go to Next Step.


If you have selected to have us add animals for you:

You will receive an email that asks you to return to this step once that has been completed. If you do not receive an email asking you to verify the accuracy of your pet list within a few days, please contact us.

Once contacted, you will be asked to continue to Wizard Step 2: Verify Your Animals.

If you selected that you will add your animals:

Continue to Wizard Step 2: Verify Your Animals.

Wizard Step 2: Verify Your Animals

  • Carefully follow the instructions on this page for how to verify your pet list.
  • Verify your pet list.

  • Type "verified" only when you are certain that all animals, information and pictures have been added to your pet list.
  • Click Save and go to Next Step.

Wizard Step 3: Configure Exports

  • Select the sites you want to automatically update.
  • When done, click Save and Go to Next Step to complete the wizard.



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