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Adoption Pending is one of the dozens of animal fields provided for each animal.  You'll find the field in the Administrative Information section of fields when adding or editing an animal. When you click Yes, you can use the drop-down menu to select the application and associate it to the animal.

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You may want to alert potential applicants that an adoption is pending for the animal of their choice by displaying an alert on the animal’s web page or detail page.

You can select the Adoption Pending field for the animal (in the Administrative Information section).  If you select that field and have the Show application pending message if applicable option selected in Animal Settings, a pending message will appear on the animal’s description informing the visitor that an application is pending.  Optionally a message can appear encouraging the visitor to apply to adopt even though an application is already pending. 

 Related to that, you can change the option to prevent animals with a pending application from being listed in available animals on Online Forms (like adoption applications).  Both of those options are available on the Adoptions Settings page.

Marking an animal as having a pending adoption

To indicate that an applicant has a pending adoption, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Animals > Animals Home from your account menu.
  2. Find the animal in the list or search for the animal.
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the animal’s name.
  4. Select Yes for Adoption Pending in the Administrative Information.
  5. Select the online adoption application from the Pending Application drop down (if available)
  6. Click Save.  

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