The animal journal is a very useful tool for tracking medical work or or other information about animals. It's particularly helpful for routine veterinary work such as vaccines, spay/neuter, and vet visits because the journal allows you to create entry types and collect them into categories. Adding entries then creates a log that you can view, download, and organize.

Where do I find it?

You can find the Animals Journal Entries by going to Animals > Journal Entries.

The Animal Journal is a tool to help you keep track of animal medical and related information. However, the Journal can store any kind of information that you might put in a log, with a date and comment. Your service allows you to:
  • Use the journal templates to create the types of journal entries you use
  • Use the defined categories to help focus the entries
  • Define the types of entries you need
  • Enter journal entries for medical and other tracking
  • Export the information into a spreadsheet

Video- Introduction to the Animal Journal Feature

We've prepared a short video that outlines this feature for you.


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