Once you've signed up for your new service and set up the voice mailboxes, you have just a little managing to perform:
  • Understanding the menu
  • Recording, changing, or deleting voicemail greetings
  • Managing passwords

Only Voicemail Admins and Site Admins can manage voicemail activities in your RescueGroups.org account. Learn more about RescueGroups.org roles in our Getting Started user guide.

How much work is this, anyway?

There's not much maintenance you'll have to do once you've set up your voice mailboxes.  You do need to decide whether to transfer your organization's current phone number or get a new local or toll-free number.  You'll want to make sure your main greeting and any individual mailbox greetings are recorded, or if you want a mailbox without a greeting, it's configured correctly as well.  And you want to learn the different ways you can access your mailbox messages.

The only other thing you'll need to learn is how to delete your messages.

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