You can log into your voice mailbox using your web browser.  This is handy if you are at an adoption event or on the road.

Where do I find it?

Go to Services > Voice Mail: Mailboxes

Log in to voice mailbox with web browser 

To log in to a mailbox, you must know the mailbox login from the mailbox page and your voicemail password. 

To determine the login:

  1. Go to, click Login
  2. Go to Services > Voice Mail: Mailboxes
  3. Click the mailbox number
  4. Find the mailbox's "Web Login" (should be something like x@orgname or x@accountnumber)
  5. Remember that Web Login and then click that link
  6. A new window appears for the voice mail system
  7. Enter the "Web Login" from above as the "Mailbox" and enter the mailbox password (this will be a four digit number your team previously set in your account)
  8. Click Login

If you login to your voice mail mailbox and there aren't any messages shown, try using a different web browser. Certain web browsers may not display the messages correctly.

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