You can listen to your voicemail messages in several ways:
  • Email attachment
  • Web browser
  • Telephone

Receiving messages in your email

If you configure your voicemail mailbox to send you an email alert when you receive a voicemail message, you can also choose to receive an email attachment of the audio recording of the message.  The audio recording, in .wav format, can be played by any audio player including Windows Media Player, iTunes and most cell phones.

Listening to your voicemail messages using your web browser

You can review, play, delete, and forward voice mail messages by using your web browser.  Each voicemail mailbox has its own login: the username is shown on the mailbox configuration page (web login), and the password is the voicemail password, also set on the mailbox configuration page.

You can change the audio file format by clicking the preferences button. Depending on the applications installed on your computer, you may not be able to play all of the available formats, and you may need to try different formats to find one that is compatible with your computer. You may also need to install an audio player app on your computer or device (especially mobile devices) to play the wav format.

If you log in to your voice mailbox and there aren't any messages shown, try using a different web browser. We have heard reports that certain web browsers don't display the messages correctly.

Listening to voicemail messages using your phone

To listen to your Voice Mail messages using your phone, do the following:

  1. Dial your voice mail phone number
  2. Press the number for the mailbox you are checking
  3. Press * when you hear the mailbox greeting
  4. Enter the mailbox Voice Mail password (set on the mailbox configuration page)
  5. Follow the prompts to listen to, save, forward and delete messages.

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