Your account is able to upload your adoptable pet data to the website.

In order to upload your pets to you must first have an account with them.  If you don't already have one please visit their website to sign-up, and continue this setup process after you have an approved account.

It's very important that you ensure that all of your pets are added to your pet list before enabling the import in your account. Once you enable the account, all pets, including available and adopted, will be deleted and replaced with the available pets from your pet list.

If you'd like to add the pets from your to your account, or if you'd like to have your pets in a data file for backup purposes please contact Support before you setup the import from

If you are unsure, please contact Support before continuing.

Setup your Adopt-a-Pet Export

To export your adoptable animals to and then import the data into their system, complete these steps:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click Shelter/Rescue > Auto-Upload/Import Pets from the menu
  3. In the Select a default profile according to your shelter software pull-down menu, select from the list. When you make that selection, the following options should be selected for you:
    • Do you want to allow your shelter/rescue to AutoUpload set to Yes
    • Allow manually added pets set to No
    • Allow manual editing of pets set to No
    • Does your exported data file contain a first line with column headers set to Yes
    • Do you want to import acceptable pets, even if there are processing errors with other pets set to Yes
  4. Near the end of the page, click the Update My AutoUpload Settings button (or if you haven't set up AutoUploading before, the button says Set Up instead of Update)
  5. The page will reload.  Scroll down near the end of the page again, and click the Email My Account Info to button
  6. Click My Info and check I am an AutoUpload contact for this shelter/rescue will receive your account information. If we have any questions we will contact you. You will receive an email from us when your export to has been configured. This email will share instructions on how to enable the export within your account.

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