Learning what you can do with the management app

Once you have launched in for the first time and the index of animals is built, you can minimally customize the app.  Select Settings from the menu (upper right corner of the screen) and choose which animal status should be displayed each time you start the app.  For instance, you might want to select Intake, Available, Pending, Hold, and Treatment.  

You can use the app on location from any Android device to:

  • Display pictures
  • Edit animal information and enter microchip information
  • Upload pictures
  • Add journal entries
  • Search for animals and filter the animal list

On this page:

Displaying pictures

A short press on an animal in the list will display its picture if there is one.  If there are multiple pictures, you can view the others by pressing on the arrows displayed on either side of the picture.  The arrows appear only if there are more pictures to view.

Change the order of pictures

A “long press” on a picture will give you the option to make it the first picture for the animal.  This is the one displayed on your website, and/or adoption toolkit.

Editing an animal

A "long press" on any animal displays a menu of options. The instructions for these options are below.

  • Edit the animal status
  • Edit the foster for an animal
  • Edit the animal location
  • Edit the microchip information
  • Add a microchip by using the barcode and the camera on your device
  • Edit an animal's bio in the description field on the animal's webpage
  • View, add, edit, or delete journal entries
  • View the selected animal in your browser
  • Upload photos

Edit Status

A list of statuses is displayed, with the current status at the top.  You can select a different status, and press Update or press Cancel to return to the list of animals without updating the status.

Edit Foster

A list of fosters is displayed, with the current foster selected at the top of the screen.  You can select a different foster, and press Update, or press Cancel to return to the list of animals without changing the foster.  Note, a foster is an active contact that is a member of the Caretaker / Foster group.

Edit Location

The locations you have defined in Rescue Groups are displayed, with the current location at the top.  Select a new location and press Update, or press Cancel to return to the list of animals.  

Edit Microchip

This option displays the current microchip number and vendor.  You can select a new vendor and number, and press Save to update the record.  Press Cancel if you do not wish to update the microchip information.  Once you have saved a microchip, the app will display that vendor as the default the next time you enter a new microchip.

Scan a barcode with your camera

You can optionally scan a barcode using your phone’s camera when entering a microchip number.  This helps ensures the microchip number is correctly entered.

Edit Animal Bio

You can edit the animal’s description field with this option.

Journal Entries

This option displays a list of the current journal entries for the selected animal.  You can add a new entry by pressing the “Add New” button.  A long press on an existing journal entry will give you the option to Edit or Delete the journal entry.

View in Browser

This option will launch your web browser and display the currently selected animal. This is useful for changing items not supported by the app.

Upload a photo

Selecting this option will display the photo gallery where you can select a photo to upload.  Once you select a picture, a confirmation dialog asks if you want to upload the photo.  Selecting “Yes” will add the photo to Rescue Groups.

Menu options


The search option is accessed by pressing the magnifying glass icon located at the top of the screen.

You can filter the animal list by searching for one or more of the following:

  • Animal name

  • Foster name

  • Location

  • Microchip number

Foster and location are selected from pull-down lists.  Animal name and microchip number are text fields and can contain partial text.  For instance, typing “ben” in the animal name field will find “Ben and Benson.”

After performing a search, the icon changes to a check mark inside of the magnifying glass.  This returns to normal once you reset the search.

The resulting number of animals is briefly displayed after a search.


You can use this option to re-enter your username and password if needed.


This option will download updates from Rescue Groups.  This happens automatically each time you start the app.  This is useful if you leave the app running and come back to it later.


This is where you can select which animal statues to display.  Additionally, you can choose to exclude animals whose rescue IDs are blank.


A checkbox that permits you to include cats in the list.


A checkbox that permits you to include dogs in the list.

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