You can change or remove the roles (and thus change the access or permission) for any volunteer.  For instance, if a volunteer leaves, you may not want them to continue to access the organization's animals or other information.  Similarly, if a volunteer changes roles, for instance, a shelter walker quits and then later becomes an admin for your organization and tracking intakes and adoptions, you will want to change the roles for that volunteer.

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Removing or changing roles

Removing or changing roles for your volunteers is easy.  You already know how to add roles, and removing them is even easier.  Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Contacts > User Login Accounts in the Contacts menu.

  2. Find the user in the list and click their username to open the user login account data table for that user and see their account information.
  3. At the top of the user view page, click the Roles link.

  4. Remove roles for the user by checking the appropriate boxes for each of the roles you want to remove, then selecting Remove from the Actions drop-down menu at the top left corner of the roles data table.


Be careful to not remove your own permissions!

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