In any of the data tables in your account, you will see the same icons. All of the data tables in your account work in the same way. 

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Many of the services use data tables, and because all of those data tables are organized in a similar format, it's a good idea to get familiar with the data table user interface.

Below is the data table user interface and explanation. These are the controls you use to access the functions and to move around between the tables.

  • Move back/forth between the number of pages
  • Select an action
  • Change your view
  • Create / Edit a view
  • Turn on/off thumbnails
  • Search
  • Help
  • Select an option to view more or less information in the datable
  • Export the data.

Some icons and interface controls from the data table user interface


Quick access to help about data tables
Previous / Next Page

Go to the previous or next page of data
Go to First / Last Page

Go to the first or last page of data

Search for specific text in the data table

Toggle Show Thumbnails

Show animal thumbnails (animals related data tables only)


Add item


Delete item


Edit settings for that item or section


Edit item

Preview Export

A popup window will display an example of what this animal record will share on adoption listing websites (animals related data tables only)


Photos, videos

Preview in Website

Available only with Website Service


View or Export HTML


Create a report.


Change the order of items


Select an action from this dropdown menu and a checkbox on an item in the data table to perform the selected action


Change your view to one of the built-in views or to a custom view

Create / Edit Custom View

Click the first icon to create a custom data table view or click the second icon to edit a custom view
Switch to the Default View

Current data table view will return to the Default view


Show more (rows), Show fewer (rows), Show max (rows), Export to CSV, XLS, XML

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