Can I download a .csv template? to understand the default fields for animals in order to create an import of a year's worth of animals with the necessary fields?

  1. Raymond

    There are two ways to do this.

    If you are going to have the support team import the data for you, download this sample spreadsheet and fill in the data.   Email the file to support and they will do what is called a one-time import of this data.

    If you are going to import your own data, you will use the FTP process to upload your data file and then let the system import your data, this is the list of fields to use. About animal import fields Just create a spreadsheet with these fields & get the data into it. Be sure you create a unique externalID for each animal record.

    I recommend you download the sample spreadsheet regardless which method you are going to use. The spreadsheet has the valid list of Species, Breeds, status, colors & patters that you will use for either method. Do not abbreviate. You cannot use DSH for Domestic Short Hair.

    If you are going to use the FTP process and upload the data yourself, review the documentation and be sure that you have done the following things: 

    1- Get an FTP account from support. Go to Services > FTP Account

    2- Set up an import account. Go to Animal > Imports and create an account. Use a configuration type of CSV File. Be sure to use a .csv file extension on the file name. Name the file to match the file you are going to upload. Be sure to include an email account. This is where an error report will be sent after your file is processed.

    3- Install FTP client software on your PC. I downloaded & used the free one from Core and it works great. Configure the client to access the FTP server for Rescuegroups.

    4- Create the .csv file containing your animal data. 

    5- Using the FTP client log into the FTP account at Rescuegroups and upload the data file to the import directory on the Resuegroups server.

    The system imports & process data about once an hour. If you are also uploading images, they  will be imported shortly after the animal data is imported. 

    If there are any errors, you will get an email with a list of the errors. Just correct errors & re-run.

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