When an animal enters the care of your organization, add it to your organization's tracking process.

Use the Add an Animal page to add new animals to your website. Remember that animals which are available for adoption are exported to the adoption listing websites and show up on your RescueGroups.org website automatically after you add them. Once animals are added to your website, you can start managing the information about them.  Animals available for adoption are exported to the adoption listing websites and shown on your RescueGroups.org website automatically after you add them (as applicable for your organization). 

Service Note

Depending on your service, you may see a different menu from that shown below.

The Animals menu allows you to add animals to your website and manage all the information available about them.  Once an animal is added, you can edit the description, delete them from your website, set their status to Available, and when adopted, change their status to Adopted, using the selections in the Animals menu. 

And of course, we have a video for you to watch.

Adding New Animals Including Images and Videos

Where do I find it?

 Once you log into your account from https://rescuegroups.org, select Animals at the top of the screen.

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